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Peanut butter treat please

Hi Miss Pam! My son, Wednesday, loves your podcast! I called him Wednesday because he was born on a Wednesday and I love the little girl named Wednesday in the Adams Family movie. He is 5 months and new to your podcast. His favorite song is the peanut butter song and mama's little baby loves dancing. A personalized message from you would be such a treat! My email is Thank you! Amber

Lyric sheets access

How to get the lyric sheets access please?

Peanut Butter Treats continued... Send me the details!

This note is for anyone who would like a special, personalized Peanut Butter Treat for their little one - if you haven't yet received one. I will be sending out the final ones over the next few days. *What I need from you: Your child or children's name(s) and age(s). Let me know how to pronounce names please! Their favorite songs, rhymes, books, themes from the podcast. The email address to which you would like the recording sent. Please send no later than the end of the day today. Thank you!

Peanut butter treat

Would love a peanut butter treat for my twin 1 year old girls - Catherine and Elizabeth!

Peanut Butter Treat

Hi Ms. Pam, When you do the Peanut Butter Treats, we would LOVE one. I have Junaid (JuJu) who will be 3 next month and has been loving baby wordplay since about 8 months old & Sabreen who is 3 months old and already loves listening with her big brother and doing the finger plays you teach us. Thanks! Sahar