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Small Talk Baby Podcast is an accessible tool that actually teaches the foundation of language while helping parents build a daily routine around words, songs and rhymes. Not to mention the wonderful bonding that takes place as they experience each episode together. An important goal of the podcast is to help set the stage and the tone, from day one, for a (hopefully) lifelong joyful collaboration around learning.

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The podcast is for parents who are new to the idea of talking, reading and even singing to their babies. It’s for parents who need a repertoire of songs and rhymes to engage their young children; for families who want to help their child learn English, and engage with abstract concepts.
Over 130 episodes filled with stories, songs, rhymes and fingerplays as well as helpful early literacy tips.

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🌟Welcome to Miss Pam's Small Talk Baby Podcast, brought to you by me! 🇯🇲 Jamaican children's librarian and early literacy 📖 specialist with over 35 years of experience.
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  • Over 130 episodes: stories and songs, readings and rhymes, with sprinklings of Math and Science throughout! **Please begin with episodes 1-3 before listening to others so that you can learn the basics!

  • Read my Blog to find out more about me, get my book recommendations for each year and developmental stage PLUS tips on how to engage your baby in storytime!
I guarantee you and your little one will have fun, while learning a lot!  🙌🏽

🌺 Warmly~~Miss Pam

P.S. Repetition is the key to learning so tune in once, twice or more times each day for maximum learning and enjoyment.

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